Process optimization through continuous improvement

Technological developments and organisational changes can follow in rapid succession in healthcare. These changes influence employees and organisations and impact their daily activities, affecting the workload and working practices. The challenge is how to cope effectively and efficiently with these changes.

vhp human performance optimizes care processes with Sustainable Lean

Technological updates and organisational changes are instrumental in improving working practices. Our approach focuses on both improving work processes and harnessing the intrinsic talent and experience of your employees. A side benefit of this approach is that it increases both performance and job satisfaction. Our approach is based on the Lean Six Sigma method. We call it Sustainable Lean.

In collaboration with employees and managers, we identify the potential for improvement within your care organisation and departments. All stakeholders are included in implementing the change process.  We introduce more efficient working practices and increase the efficiency of the care process utilizing the expertise of employees and managers. One of our core strengths is challenging people in an inspiring way.

Our customers value our hands on personal approach as well as our knowledge of technology and organisations. We work on a range of issues including:

  • Process redesign
  • Agile organisation
  • Inspiring collaboration
  • Smart innovation
  • Continuous improvement
  • Lean Six Sigma / Sustainable Lean

We have vast experience working with many different organisations over the last 25 years. This allows us to flexibly respond to a wide range of situations.

Do you want to improve your work processes together with your employees?

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