Improved performance through proven approach to workload and work pressure

Heavy physical work often leads to physical complaints of employees and even absenteeism. Incorrect working postures and working in the same position for a long period of time also contribute to the physical complaints.

Technological innovations such as mechanisation, automation and robotisation decrease the amount of work and improve the production process. However, unintentionally this actually erodes the work. The work is cut off if employees only do the tasks that cannot be automated. This leads to repetitive, mind-numbing work that has to be done quickly and that has few control possibilities. This demotivates employees who experience a high work pressure.

vhp human performance increases employability through sustainable solutions

Together with you, we can solve questions about physical strain, workload, work pressure and availability. We often start with a study of workload and work pressure. We map the causes, which gives you a lot of insight. Afterwards, we develop sustainable solutions together. These will then be successfully realised, such as:

  • working smarter by rearranging tasks (jobcrafting)
  • optimisation of internal processes
  • other forms of cooperation
  • exploiting talents
  • increasing the autonomy of employees
  • increase creativity and job satisfaction
  • better knowledge sharing within and between teams

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