Designing and organising working environments

In designing work environments we focus on workstations like counters and cash registers, cabins and wheelhouses. We also design work environments with multiple workplaces such as hospitals and offices, i.e. control rooms, nursing departments, operating rooms and office environments with flexible working stations.

We conduct task analyses to assess workstations within work environments. We analyse working processes and tools as well as and interaction between people and resources, taking into account the standards and regulations within The Working Conditions Act. When designing or adapting an environment, we look at the physical ergonomics, which also includes lines of communication, walkways, future developments and innovations.

Involving employees in the design of a working environment is essential for us. It provides insight into the concerns and wishes of employees. We create a working environment that optimally supports pleasant, efficient, healthy and safe cooperational working practices. We realise that every new design requires a change process. We help employees to benefit optimally from their new working environment by training them while supervising the entire change process.