Improvements for people and organisations

In the industrial sector changes and technological innovations follow in quick succession. The effect on people and organisations is considerable. It is hard work to keep up with all the developments. Regular evaluation and adjustment of work processes is a must. It is often a challenge to coordinate technology, organisation and the deployment of people and resources.

Successful improvement and transformation

Technological innovation is often the catalyst for process improvement and transformation in organisations. With our change program we are able to improve your work processes and utilize the qualities of your employees. In a joint effort with managers and employees we find the potential for improvement within your organisation.

Improvement processes may involve introducing new working methods and increasing process efficiency. We analyse work behaviour patterns of teams and individuals and device and implement a a strategy to make the work processes more efficient and enjoyable.

Transformation involves technological innovations of which the full scale of the consequences for your organisation and employees are difficult to access. In a transformation process it is important to make optimal use of the expertise of employees and managers. Our strength lies in our individual approach that is based on challenging people in an inspiring way.

vhp creates agile organisations

For over 20 years, we have been the trusted partner for change programs within many large organisations. We understand the complexity and dynamics of production companies. We guide the complete transformation process from start to finish in order to achieve sustainable change.

Because of our experience with different types of organisations we are able to respond flexibly to a wide range of issues and situations. We research, advise, design and develop practical solutions for complex issues, from first idea to realisation. Clients are enthusiastic about our personal approach and wide-ranging expertise. Our portfolio includes subjects such as:

  • Process redesign
  • Agile organisation
  • Inspiring collaboration
  • Smarter innovation
  • Continuous improvement
  • Lean Six Sigma / Sustainable Lean

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