Structural focus on occupational safety

When productivity is increase this often has a negative effect on work pressure. The workload increases because there is more work which has to be done in less time. Committed and hardworking employees can often deal with this for a while. But when the workload is no longer in balance with the work employees can handle, problems will occur. If productivity gets prioritised over working safely the risk of accidents in the workplace will increase.

High productivity pressure also influences behaviour at work. If employees prioritise working fast over a healthy, pleasant and collaborative working environment this will create a work culture where safety is no longer the first priority.

vhp improves occupational safety and safety culture

We develop methods for sectors enabling them to indepently achieve higher levels of health and safety through self-regulation. The Vignette Safety at work in the confectionary industry is a typical example of our methods.

We also help companies to create safe and healthy behaviour in the workplace in a way that is sustainable. We increase the involvement and impact of managers and employees. And we improve occupational safety through risk analyses, safety events, leadership projects and behavioural and cultural programmes.

Well-designed program with high impact

We start with a scan to map out the current safety culture. Together we create a shared vision on occupational safety that appeals to all parties. This is followed by a practical program that combines risk management and a clear structure with positive behaviour incentives and safety leadership. The program is tailored to the organisation and the needs of everyone involved. Interventions can be used such as events, workshops and coaching and safety training for managers. Team development, safety discussions and training of safety coaches and prevention officers are also part of the process.

Do you want to create safe working behaviour?

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