Process optimisation and development of future working methods

Technological innovation is the perfect reason for improving your work processes. However this is easier said than done. Our approach focuses on improving work processes while also harnessing the intrinsic talents and experience of your employees. A side benefit of this approach is that both performance and job satisfaction are increased. Our approach is based on the Lean Six Sigma method. We call it Sustainable Lean.

Development of future working methods

Working methods often change when an organisation moves to a new building or when new operating systems/software are introduced. This can drastically influence your operation. vhp human performance records future working methods in an operating philosophy or task-execution concept. This is used as a blueprint forĀ  making smart choices regarding people and technology. These choices involve the required support, capacity, degree of automation, procedures and agreements. The future working method describes the impact on your operational processes as well as the specifics regarding type and number of employees.