Designing products and user interfaces

Interactional analysis and design focuses on the provision of information with the help graphical user interfaces (GUI) and camera images. We design and improve GUI’s and camera images in order to make them user-friendly so that users are optimally supported in their tasks. We test the usability and also colour, font size and navigation, based on applicable standards. When developing a new GUI, we guide clients through the tender process by specifying the requirements for the design. The requirements are incorparated in our graphic design.

In addition to designing GUIs, we also assess GUI’s and camera plans with our eye-tracking glasses. This allows us to objectively and quantitatively asses which camera plan or which GUI performs best. And also where adjustments are needed. Eye-tracking is particularly suitable for training purposes. We also apply eye-tracking to increase camera perception safely and effectively with an observation strategy for different control room operators. Observation strategies can also be developed and applied in other environments where observational performance is a critical factor.

Product design is a special area of interest. Because of our expertise in Human Factors and ergonomics, we are often asked to contribute to a new product design. This involves the design of transport carts for airports and flower auctions or tools in the construction sector. Or classic ergonomic designs like cinema , theatre and office chairs.