Full overview of production in well-designed control rooms

Operators make critical decisions about the current production lines, based on information from various systems. Information is gathered from different sources. Control rooms are becoming more complex due to a growing need for information, which makes a full overview of production increasingly difficult and reduces workability.

In order for operators to perform optimally they need a well-designed workplace. They need to get the right information at the right time, presented in the right way.

Control rooms that are tailored to employees

We evaluate the working environment from the perspective of the processes that are controlled by the employees. We design the environment, individual workstations and the presentation of information at these workstations. We aim to create the optimal match between user, tasks, workstation and work environment.

The results vary from simple sketches of workstations and interfaces to complete descriptions of a new way of working. We make 2D and 3D sketches of the individual workstations as well as the complete layout of the work environment, including systems, software and the full programme of requirements.

In the choice of software we specify the requirements, making sure it is tailored to the work processes and tested for user-friendliness. The data from various sources is translated into clearly presented information i.e. for management dashboards.

Do you want a well-designed control room?

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