Assessing physical and mental workload

vhp human performance helps in finding solutions in terms of behaviour, organisation and technology in order to reduce the physical load for the employees. With our knowledge and imput, the workload can be adjusted to a sustainable level. in doing so, you promote an environment which helps people to perform well at all times.

Excessive physical load at work can lead to overloading, physical complaints and sickness. By using clear standards we can measure and assess the physical load in the work place. We determine to which types of physical load employees are exposed. We conduct research into energetic load, lifting, carrying, vibrations, pushing and pulling, shocks and static working postures. Furthermore we asess repetitive movements within industrial and screen work environments.

vhp human performance also conducts research and offers advise on mental pressure. We analyse work pressure, workload and working conditions. We make sure that the whole spectrum of tasks are tailored to the employees, which increases productivity and promotes a healthy working environment. Excessive work pressure leads to stress and can contributto long term workplace absenteeism. Low work pressure however also has risks because people become bored. By conducting research in the work place, vhp determines both the workload and the work pressure. We aim to find a suitable solution in collaboration with our clients.