About vhp human performance

Since 1994, vhp human performance from The Hague has been optimising coordination between employees, work, technology and organisation in order to help our customers achieve their goals. We operate in complex environments where technology is dominant and the work is very demanding for employees. In these complex working environments, high performance is of vital importance and the consequences can be severe if goals are not met. Our experience and expertise enable us to design the work in such a way that will increase human performance in a sustainable manner. We do this for Smart Public, Smart Industry and Smart Health.


We believe this century will be the healthiest, most productive and fun century that people have ever experienced. The possibilities of humanity will only increase further. Surrounded and supported by technology, data and robots, people will be able to understand, control and change their environment even more efficiently and effectively. Their lives will become healthier and more enjoyable and their work more productive and sustainable.

At vhp human performance, we believe in this bright future, because we believe in the power of people. We see people as the living and leading heart of organisations and the technology with which we surround ourselves. They are imperative to making those tools work for us.

Increasing human potential 

People are crucial to organisations and technology. Organisations often focus on goals that need to be achieved. As the world is constantly changing this perpetually forces them to adjust their goals. We believe that when people retain the lead in achieving your goals, this will increase the strength and flexibility of your organisation.

This is why our work focuses on improving the capabilities of people. We design and establish working environments in such a way that technology and organisation optimally support the people that work in them. While this improves their job satisfaction and wellbeing, this also increases their performance and ultimately helps you achieve your goals.

Our advice  

We prefer to look beyond set targets and objectives when balancing people, organisation and technology. Naturally the ultimate objectives of your organisation remain intact. However, if the focus is solely on the targets of the organisation, you can lose sight of the people and their needs.

People are at the centre of smart and flexible organisations, at the centre of the future. We call this Smart Human Performance.