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to increase the strength and flexibility of your organisation 

At vhp human performance we set out to achieve sustainable changes that improve the working conditions for employees. We investigate, design, advise, facilitate, direct and coordinate. We are involved from idea to realisation. Our approach leads to sustainably deployable employees, lean processes and work environments that are functional, comfortable and valuable. We look at behaviour, collaboration, work environment, organisation, technology and in particular the interaction between those factors. We use our expertise separately, combined or within a more integrated approach, depending on your requirements. 

Through collaboration we find the right consultants with the expertise that fits your specific needs. Our experts work together in multidisciplinary teams with different backgrounds, which enables us to help our clients with a wide range of complex issues. Our enthusiastic team of 24 experts consists of ergonomists, industrial & interaction designers, psychologists, organisation consultants and behavioural change consultants.

25 years of experience in designing and implementing complex work environments

Focus on optimal synergy between people, work, organisation and technology

Customer rating 8,9

Certified ISO 9001