Increased productivity and job satisfaction through comfortable complex work environments

The benefits of a good working environment are all too often underestimated. An uncomfortable workplace is a source of complaint. Health risks increase while concentration, productivity and job satisfaction decrease. Work environments directly affect the efficiency of work processes.

The more complex the work environment, like hospitals and care institutions, the greater these negative effects are. Our experience has taught us that this type of organisation benefits greatly from our methods to improve the working environment.

vhp increases job satisfaction, productivity and performance in complex work environments

Care institutions and hospitals consist of many complex workstations. Operating and observation desks, research workstation, incubators, laboratories and reception counters. All these workplaces have very specific challenges. Designing and organising these work places requires specialist knowledge.

vhp human performance has been a leader in the field of designing workstations for over 20 years. We are experienced in healthcare institutions but also in complex control centres of emergency services, Schiphol air traffic control, and in various industry and port coordination centres in the Netherlands and abroad.

Optimal coordination between work environment and work processes

Together with the employees we start by formulating functional requirements for workstations and environmental aspects such as specifications for climate, light and the amount of space needed. This is recorded in a schedule of requirements.

Based on this, we make a number of design variations, demonstrating the benefits and disadvantages of each design. After consultation and agreement a final design will be made. If required we make a true scale prototype or mock-up of the workstations. After your approval we support and supervise the implementation to ensure your new working environment runs smoothly from day one.

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