Camera surveillance, camera plans and viewing strategy

Within the government, cameras are used in many ways: to ensure public order and safety in public spaces or to detect disturbances early on. A good camera plan is a must, so operators have everything in their view that is relevant for observation and the coherence within it is clear. Keen perception is an art in itself and our eye-tracking training has a proven track record . vhp human performance has been the trusted partner of government organisations for years on issues concerning camera surveillance, camera plans and viewing strategy.

vhp human performance designs control rooms with camera surveillance

We take stock of the functional requirements for designing spaces, surveillance workplaces and surroundings We capture functional specifications in a functional programme of requirements. Different designs will be shown, including the pros and cons. After the design of the workplace we supervise the new way of working between operators, security guards, police and emergency services. This ensures that the station runs smoothly from day one.

Drawing up, investigating and testing camera plans

vhp human performance develops and tests camera plans. An eye-tracking study clearly shows whether the work set-up ensures that operators can see everything that is necessary to do their task properly.

Observation strategy: learning to observe

Observation errors are easily made and can have major consequences. To safely control of bridges and locks from a central location, observing accurately is essential. With our workshop “Observation strategy” we determine the best way to observe in a save way by working together with operators. We focus on learning to observe by eye-tracking. Experienced and new operators are made aware of their way of observing. Advice for improvement is given and people are trained. The workshop is given on-site at your location.