Better performance through appropriate mental and physical pressure

Working in healthcare is both mentally and physically challenging. Expectations towards staff members are ever increasing. Clients and patients are more assertive and demanding. Employees are expected to perform more effectively as well as meeting administrative deadlines and imposed standards. They also have to continuously coordinate with colleagues and other departments. The effect is a very demanding workfield for both employees and organisations, resulting in strict deadlines, high workload and problematic collaboration.

Optimizing mental and physical pressure

vhp are industry experts when it comes to physical and mental pressure in the workplace. We have produced a number of manuals on physical workload. For over 20 years our evidence based methods, knowledge and insight have been applied across several fields, including the healthcare sector.

Our approach starts with an analysis of the current working methods and processes. Time and motion, efficiency and mental and physical pressure are carefully measured. With our standardized and trusted methods we can objectively map physical and mental pressure in order to specifically and accurately identify the source and severity of the issues.

We offer specialist advice and guidance whilst choosing the required changes and improvements that will optimize performance. As well as directing and monitoring the process, we also guide organisations in the successful implementation of these changes.

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