Optimisation of space and systems for new buildings, renovation and transformation of old buildings

Care institutions are faced with high impact decisions concerning renovation, transformation and construction of care buildings. New concepts of healthcare services need to be integrated. The essence of this lies in the interaction between clients, patients, employees and processes, but also in the location of facilities and systems. The interaction should be incorporated in all stages of a renovation, from the design phase to the implementation. Moreover, the costs of changing buildings are high and resources should therefore be optimised.

Many healthcare institutions have had unpleasant experiences with choices regarding real estate and systems. It is hugely disappointing when afterwards it turns out that the design and layout do not serve the work processes.

You need to manage these risks and still be able to offer optimal housing and care to clients and patients. Employees should enjoy their contribution to the process. Moreover, there is only one chance to organise everything properly from the start.

vhp enables healthcare to flourish with optimal spaces and systems

As a starting point, we perform an objective analysis of the work processes of healthcare services. We design new workplaces and departments based on these work processes and ergonomic principles. Thereby we ensure that the new work environment optimally supports the operation of the employees. We make smart and efficient use of available spaces. Needless to say we are committed to staying within your budget. In the design of processes and work environments, we apply the principles of Sustainable Lean. This results in beautiful, functional designs with creative, practical solutions. It gives healthcare providers more space to care for clients in order to further increase client and patient satisfaction.

The transformation to more specialised equipment, tools and digitalisation requires professional knowledge, ergonomic insight and time. We convert the insights we generated from the work processes into specific product requirements. We assess products from suppliers and guide the implementation of new tools and systems, so that employees can use them successfully.

vhp human performance are experts in this field. For more than 20 years we have been working with large organisations on issues and challenges affecting people working with high tech systems in complex work spaces. As well as in health care, we also work in control rooms, airports, ports, industrial sites and governmental organisations. Working with us means you will benefit from all this past experience.

Do you want work spaces and systems that improve care and increase client satisfaction?

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